A White Smile Can Change Lives in Elk Grove, CA

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Believe it or not, a simple act of smiling can transform people and the world around them. A smile does not only make one look attractive, but there’s also a higher reason why one should make it a habit of smiling. But then, how can someone smile with yellow teeth? How can one show that wide grin with stained teeth? And the worst, will it ever be possible for people to smile confidently? Well, fortunately, it is! Thanks to Professional Teeth Whitening.

We at New Dental Images provide Professional Teeth Whitening services to patients who want to improve their smiles by correcting teeth discolorations. Unlike over-the-counter kits, our teeth whitening procedures performed by professionals are proven safe and effective. After the patient’s pro teeth whitening treatment at New Dental Images, a newer, brighter, and beautiful smile is revealed!


White Teeth


There are three reasons why having white teeth is beneficial to one’s health and wellness. First, it is essential to improve one’s mood. Smiling affects the brain, thereby, activating neural messaging that benefits the health and the feelings. The neuropeptides that are released helps in fighting off stress. It also relaxes the body, lowers the heart rate, as well as blood pressure. A smile also generates endorphins which act as a natural pain reliever. In addition, the smile gives way for serotonin to serve as an antidepressant or mood lifter. It indeed takes one smile away to be pain-free!

Second, smiling boosts one’s self-esteem. The reality is, no one looks ugly when they smile. Having white teeth will give one the confidence to show off their smiles. And when they do, they give someone an excellent impression, making them feel good about themselves.

Third, when people are confident to smile, they create a positive atmosphere around them. Since smiling is contagious, seeing someone can impact another person, building a symbiotic relationship that allows both to utilize feel-good chemicals in the brain.

Generally, teeth whitening gives people more reasons to smile. It brings one’s physical appearance and psychological well-being a lift!


Feel confident and healthy with your teeth! New Dental Images is happy to be of service to our patients for all their Teeth Whitening needs in Elk Grove, CA. We are located at 9275 E. Stockton Blvd, #200 Elk Grove, CA 95624.