Common Struggles of People with Gapped Teeth in Elk Grove, CA

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Have you ever wondered why some celebrities before chose to embrace their tooth gaps rather than opt for dental treatments? It is merely because gapped teeth symbolize a youthful appearance during the past years. People became more confident and less insecure of their widely spaced smiles. But not until today. This fad suddenly disappeared, making many individuals realize that gaps in the teeth are actually not favorable.


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What Causes Gapped Teeth?

Diastema, a gap or space between the teeth, are caused by several factors. Listed here are the following culprits of gapped teeth:

  • Bad oral habits like tongue thrusting
  • Injuries
  • Tooth extraction
  • Genes

Those who would like to fix their gapped smiles can always avail of our treatments here at New Dental Images. We offer various solutions to diastema which include dental bonding, veneers, braces, Invisalign, implants, and bridges. To know more about these options, feel free to talk to us!


Problems Associated With Tooth Gaps

Stuck Foods

The spaces between the teeth can encourage more food debris to get trapped. If the person fails to eliminate the leftover particles, they might expose themselves to gum disease and decay.

Unpleasant Smile

Gone were the days when gapped teeth are praised. Today, people with diastema are more likely to become conscious when smiling, especially if the gap sits right in their front teeth.

Chewing Discomfort

When the gap resides in the back teeth, a person may find it challenging to munch hard foods. They may also not get the right nutrition necessary to maintain their body’s functions, thereby compromising their general health.

Oral Hygiene Issues

It is definitely a misconception to say that widely spaced teeth are more convenient to clean when compared to the teeth that are close together. Say flossing, for instance, the person may experience a hard time gliding the dental floss in each side of the tooth.

Other problems or symptoms may also arise if gapped teeth are left neglected such as bleeding gums, bad breath, and stomach pain.


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