Ignoring a Chipped Tooth? Here Are the Possible Dangers

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A chipped tooth happens if a section of your tooth has broken off away from the body. This can range from a severe crack along the surface or a minor chip on the tooth’s edge. Both of these instances are dangerous to the tooth structure because they weaken and expose the nerve.

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Having a chipped tooth is not something that you can fix. Think of your teeth the same way as your bones. If you have a bone fracture, you definitely will not try to fix it yourself. You will need to opt for professional treatment from an expert who specializes in situations like these. This is the same way for your teeth. It is best to see the dentist so they can professionally administer chipped tooth repair services.

If ever you have dental injuries such as a chipped tooth, know the possible dangers brought by ignoring it: 

The tooth will be sensitive to pressure

If you chip your tooth, your health will be at risk because your tooth nerve is exposed. The main reason why cracks are formed is because of cavities. Hence, the tooth is already weakened, agitated, and compromised even before the chip. Know that a tooth is no longer safe from more damage after it cracks the first time. Severe pain can be experienced if you put pressure on a cracked or chipped tooth, even just for a short while.

The tooth will be sensitive to temperature

Temperature may not put direct pressure on your tooth, but it can still cause you severe pain. That is because an exposed tooth root is extremely sensitive to temperature. As a result, drinking something hot or cold can lead to shooting pain at the tooth root. This will make it hard for you to eat or drink.

The tooth might break completely

When a tooth root is exposed, the structure of the tooth is weakened. Due to this, there is a high possibility that the tooth can completely break. Chewing on something hard can escalate a chipped tooth into a broken tooth. A broken tooth is much more severe and requires more treatments to fix it.

A chipped tooth is not something you must ignore due to the possible dangers it brings. Here at New Dental Images, we offer Chipped Tooth Repair in Sacramento, CA. We are located at 1110 Corporate Way, #100, Sacramento, CA 95831.