Tooth Wear

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New Dental Images in Elk Grove can get to the root of the problem with tooth wear and erosion. We ask that if you see any signs of erosion or excessive wear that you give us a call so we can keep you and your teeth healthy. Quick action is the best action when you start noticing problems with your teeth.

Indications Of Tooth Wear & Erosion

There are signs of tooth wear and erosion that you should pay attention to, ensuring you see a dentist to prevent future tooth loss. These signs include:

Tooth Sensitivity – Certain foods, either hot or cold, may cause a small amount of pain in the early stages of enamel erosion.

Discoloration Of The Tooth – When the enamel erodes, more dentin occurs and is exposed and teeth then tend to appear yellow.

Chips & Cracks – The edges of teeth become irregular, rough and jagged as eroding takes place on the enamel.

Later Stages Of Tooth Enamel Erosion – As the later stages of enamel erosion occur, your teeth will become extremely sensitive to hot/cold foods, and sweets. A painful sensation in your tooth may occur.

Cupping – This appears as indentations on the surface of the teeth.

Tooth Wear Prevention
Dietary Erosion and Regurgitation Erosion are two main causes of tooth wear and can be prevented. New Dental Images will listen to your dietary habits and help you make decisions in your diet to prevent tooth wear from coming back in the future. Dietary erosion is caused from the acid in the foods that you eat. There are a few main foods that you should consider cutting back from your diet if you are experiencing tooth wear. These include:

Citrus Fruits – Oranges, lemons, limes, etc., and fruit juices (that contain citric acid)

Carbonated Drinks – Sodas, fizzy drinks, pop, any type of cola, diet or regular as they all contain carbonic acid that can cause tooth wear.

Vinegars – Pickles, salad dressings, etc. Anything with a high amount of vinegars will cause tooth wear.

All of these foods and beverages should be kept at a minimum amount. Sports drinks and ice teas are also very erosive and contain a high sugar content.

Address Tooth Erosion Before It’s Too Late
New Dental Images encourages you to get to the problem before its too late. If the tooth erosion occurs and is ignored, it could only get worse. We are here to help guide you with the best dental advisement to keep you and your teeth as healthy as they can be.