Pain-free Tooth Extraction Procedure in Elk Grove, CA

Proper dental hygiene prevents tooth to deteriorate; however, there are times that a tooth is severely damaged and the only solution is tooth extraction. When a damaged and decay tooth is not treated immediately, it may lead to a more severe dental complication. New Dental Images uses the latest technology for Tooth Extraction Procedures and provides services that meet the patient’s special dental needs.


What is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is the process wherein a tooth is removed or pulled out from its socket due to trauma, crowding, injury, or severe damage it has sustained from decay.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is performed on overcrowded teeth because it prevents a new tooth from growing correctly. An adult tooth may erupt undesirably or may grow in a different direction when a baby tooth has not been replaced. For this instance, the baby tooth needs to be removed even if it is healthy. Sometimes, a doctor may require extraction if a tooth experienced trauma or injury and needed immediate attention. Tooth extraction is also necessary if a patient undergoes procedures such as radiation treatments to remove abscessed or periodontally damaged teeth.

Tooth Extraction Procedure: Before and After Treatment

Most people fear tooth extraction and find sitting in a dental chair scary. New Dental Images uses modern technology to provide efficient services to patients that need a tooth extraction. Our dentist makes sure that the patients are fully aware of the extraction procedure from start to finish and everything that is involved for a more effective and comfortable procedure An x-ray is necessary to determine the appropriate extraction method to be performed. For a pain-free and anxious-free procedure, a numbing medication or anesthesia will either be injected or be administered through an IV solution. When the patient feels the numbing effect, the extraction process will follow.

Proper caring for the teeth and the area where a tooth is removed is needed. It is an important aspect of an individual’s overall oral health especially if a wisdom tooth is involved. It is difficult to maintain the area where a wisdom tooth is located. As per dentists’ advice, after the extraction process, the patient must:

  • Eat soft and cool foods for the next few days
  • Place an ice pack to the face directly on the extracted area to reduce swelling
  • Avoid using drinking straws for 24 hours
  • Stop smoking for the following days after extraction
  • Rinse mouth with warm salt water after 24 hours

Proper maintenance of the teeth by practicing proper dental hygiene and care provides comfort and prevents tooth damage. Tooth extraction is an essential part of oral health recovery and maintenance that should not be feared.

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