Recovery Tips After Wisdom Tooth Removal in Elk Grove, CA

A wisdom tooth will not offer you ‘wisdom’—it will give you pain. If the third molar erupts abnormally, it is expected for patients to feel discomfort. Many people prefer to have their impacted wisdom tooth extracted because of the painful sensation it gives. If you have problems with your third set of teeth, call us at New Dental Images right away. We provide wisdom tooth extraction service in our clinic.

Pulling out the impacted wisdom tooth from the patients’ mouths will give them a sense of relief— they no longer need to deal with excruciating pain and the like. But before patients can get to this point, they will need to secure their recovery first. The healing period and the success of the extraction go hand in hand. If patients fail to heal accordingly, their newly-treated tooth will be affected.

General Dentistry

Recover Fast With These Tips!

Ditch Your Vices

Bad habits will not do patients good during their post-extraction treatment. Smoking, for instance, can encourage dry socket. It is also useful to avoid alcoholic drinks while recovering.

Slow Down

Sadly, after the extraction, it is not the right time to be productive. Take things slow and rest as much as you can. Going to the gym a day following the wisdom tooth removal procedure is not advised. Strenuous exercises can hamper the recovery process as well.

Never Compromise Oral Hygiene

We understand how inconvenient it is to grab a toothbrush, floss, and a bottle of mouthwash when all you wanted to do after a wisdom tooth extraction is to lie on the bed. However, oral hygiene is still necessary. Make sure to follow your regular oral care routine—but try to be extra gentle this time.

Soothe The Swollen Area

Swelling, being one of the side effects of tooth extraction, can occur two or three days following the procedure. Fortunately, this can be countered by using a cold compress. Place an ice pack on the outside portion of the mouth. Do it for 20 minutes and rest for another 20 minutes. Repeat the process until the swelling subsides.

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