Celebrities with Bad Smiles and How Orthodontics Had Helped Them in Elk Grove, CA

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Your dearly loved Hollywood stars? They were not born with a star-studded smile. Although some of them had not suffered from major teeth irregularities, it doesn’t mean that their smiles remain untouched by dental professionals. They may not have their teeth enhanced with veneers but never did they miss to receive teeth cleanings or professional teeth whitening. In fact, almost all of the people in the entertainment industry owe their smiles to the dentists like the celebrities that we are about to mention here. These celebs had been struggling with crookedness and bite issues before, but with the help of orthodontics, they successfully perfected their pearly whites.


Perfect Teeth


Celebrities With Braces

Who says braces can make you ugly? Just take a read at these Hollywood stars who rock the spotlight with their newly straightened smiles because of braces.

Emma Watson

Yes, girl. Your Hermione was once a braced-face teenybopper! Emma Watson’s heightening career during the Harry Potter days had probably prompted her to correct her slightly crooked teeth. And would you believe that the star itself wore traditional braces? Despite the stigma of wearing metal brackets and wires in America, she still managed to show her smile to the public. We salute your courage, Emma!

Cindy Crawford

Another braces wearer is the successful supermodel, Cindy Crawford. Since technologies were still learning to contribute in the field of dentistry during the 70s, Crawford was left with no choice but to invest in the conventional type of braces. But did she regret it? Definitely not! She even posted a throwback picture of her in social media wearing bulky metal braces while smiling loud and proud!

Tom Cruise

You have to check Tom Cruise’s old photos on the internet. His present-day smile is a proof that despite how severe your smile issues are, you too can have red-carpet worthy pearly whites with the help of dentistry! The famous Hollywood star had been aiming to fix his multiple teeth imperfections. He never settled with just one option. Instead, he goes the extra mile by receiving both cosmetic and orthodontic treatments for his smile.


Beautify Your Smile Now

Straighten your smile and be happy like your favorite celebrity stars! If you have bad bites and other teeth flaws, now is the time to seek the help of the dental professional. Misalignments are not solely a problem that affects the appearance of a person. Having a misaligned smile can also impact one’s eating and speaking function. That said, we at New Dental Images welcome orthodontic patients to avail of our Invisalign or braces treatment. Set an initial consultation with us to know which of the two is best for you.


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