Tips for the Proper Care of Retainers – Elk Grove, CA

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Congratulations, the removal of your orthodontic appliance has been scheduled! Should you celebrate? Yes of course. Wearing retainers is an unavoidable scenario, but it is not something to dread for. The purpose of it is to keep the teeth from moving out of place after making sure that it is already fixed with braces or aligners.

Its quite sad to know that the teeth may still move, but thanks to retainers it can be prevented. As tempting as it is to ditch the after treatment, take note that this would not do your teeth any good. So as everyone already knows why retainers are essential, this calls for some tips for its proper care. Like any other dental appliance, to secure its function and longevity, adequate maintenance should be observed.




We at New Dental Images understand the consequences of not wearing retainers after orthodontic treatment, so we see to it that our patients are well-educated about its importance and its care. With that in mind, here are some tips to make sure that their retainers will remain in its tip-top shape.

Keep it clean

Although the device is artificial, attention and care like any natural teeth are still required. Soaking it on a mouthwash or denture solution is best. Brushing is also useful, just make sure that the brush used has soft bristles. Avoid toothpaste due to its abrasiveness.

Wear it often

Make sure to follow the instructions given by the orthodontist strictly. Take note of how often the appliance should be worn. Retainers would not work unless it is appropriately used.

Remove the appliance before eating

Retainers must be worn at all times. Cases may arise that requires for it to be removed like eating for instance. Without the appliance, patients are free to eat anything they want without worrying for any breakage. Doing this also prevents the food to accumulate and produce foul odors.

Utilize its case

It may be simple enough, but this practice makes sure that the appliance would not be misplaced. When eating out, some may think of wrapping it on a piece of tissue. Doing so makes it more likely to be mistaken as trash.

Avoid heat at all costs

Do not drink any hot beverages while the retainer is worn. Heat tends to melt plastics, and since the appliance has plastic properties, it might get distorted. Boiling it in an attempt of removing any germs would not work, but it may cause the device to warp beyond wear.


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