Why Must Retainers Be Worn After Removing Braces?

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The removal of orthodontic braces is a milestone; however, the journey doesn’t stop there. It should then be followed with retainers which is a necessity rather than an option. Genetics is the main culprit behind crooked teeth and a misaligned bite. Without the aid of retainers, genes will come into play and revert the teeth to their original unsightly state. The teeth will shift years after the removal of braces, and the extent depends on how regularly the retainers are worn. Ignoring the use of retainers will lead to orthodontic relapse which might require extensive treatment to fix.

putting a retainer

To add emphasis on the crucial role of retainers, we at New Dental Images prepared a list of reasons on why the said device should be worn as advised:

Retainers stabilize the bite and prevent treatment reversal

After the removal of braces, the soft tissues and bone will need time to adapt to the new teeth positions. Retainers allow the teeth to slowly stabilize to their current arrangements to decrease the likelihood of relapse and shift of the teeth. Wearing retainers for at least 12 to 22 hours a day for at least two months will prevent relapse. However, there are cases when patients are required to wear retainers for a couple of years.

Retainers help maintain the spaces for wisdom teeth

Preteens and teenagers, whose bodies are still developing, tend to use retainers around the same time when wisdom teeth erupt. Their diligent use retainers will help them maintain the necessary space in the jaw to accommodate the eruption of wisdom teeth. Regular use of retainers ensures that there will be no crowding or shifting of teeth due to lack of space.

Retainers help hold the position of teeth

Using braces to correct the gaps in the teeth takes a longer time for teeth to stabilize. This holds true for severely displaced teeth, underbites, and large overbites. Holding the teeth is essential because they need to be positioned firmly in their new spaces until the mouth can adapt to the changes in teeth. Fortunately, the use of retainers makes this highly possible.

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