How to treat your tooth extractions during pregnancy in Elk Grove?

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One needs to watch out for dental work which one needs to get done during pregnancy. It is a fact that preventive dental cleanings and yearly dental examinations are necessary during the time you are expecting a baby. The increase in the hormonal blood levels during this time sometimes may cause swelling and bleeding in the gums.

At such a time, it becomes imperative to have a certain amount of dental work done to prevent the risk of ailments like gum disease from setting in. If one has to get dental work done, it is the second trimester which is considered the best time for it. During the third trimester, lying down on the back for a longish duration is not easy.

Which is the safest course of action for dental work during pregnancy?

It is true that the safest method is to postpone unnecessary dental work for until after the baby is born. Nonetheless, there are times when some dental work like root canal therapy or tooth removal is imperative. Secondary treatments like teeth whitening et al. can be put off till after birth.

During present times, there is no given point of view about the ramifications of the medications during dental work. The anesthesia which is to be used to sedate the patient should not be used in more than a given quantity. Sometimes antibiotics and other medicines are prescribed for various reasons. As per present-day studies, penicillin, amoxicillin, and clindamycin which comes in category B are considered safe bets during the time a lady is expecting a child.

Are x-rays safe during pregnancy?

X-rays, especially those which are taken during a general examination for dental work, can be kept on the hold until after the baby is born. As per information was given by the American College of Radiology, any single diagnostic x-ray does not have radiation levels which can affect a growing embryo. As per certain other media bodies, dental x-rays are deemed safe during pregnancy provided a good cover is given while they are being taken.

What about tooth extractions during pregnancy?

The American Dental Association has put forth a set of guidelines which can be followed by pregnant women. Also, there is evidence to show that tooth extractions during pregnancy are safe. Also, such women should take healthy and balanced food. They should maintain high standards of oral hygiene – which includes brushing teeth twice daily for at least two minutes each time. Regular flossing habits should be encouraged.

It is wise to have preventive exams and dental cleanings during the time you are expecting a baby. Whatever be the case, do let the dentist know that you are pregnant. After this, he or she is the best person to guide you through various dental procedures. Try to keep your body in proper circulation when you are in the dental chair by keeping your legs uncrossed.

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