What Not to Do After Having a Tooth Extraction in Elk Grove?

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Tooth extraction is somewhat of an uncomfortable time to go through. One has to bear with the discomfort of having injections in the mouth to numb the area where the extraction is done from. After this, the extraction is done. However, there are several factors which need to be kept in mind after tooth removal. First and foremost, the priority is adequate rest should be taken after the procedure. In all likelihood, the dentist would have prescribed painkillers and antibiotics to the patient to be taken after a few hours. This is to take care of the pain for the time after the effect of the anesthesia wears off.
If it is wisdom teeth which have been removed, extra care must be taken, more so when it is a set of teeth which are done away with. To prevent bleeding, a gauze pad is given, and this must be pressed upon by the teeth on top of the area where the tooth was extracted from. This will stop the bleeding after a while. Also, ice packs can be applied to the region outside the mouth, i.e., on the cheek area. This too will help in subsiding the pain and give some relief to the patient.

What must more precautions one take after tooth extraction?

Extra care must be taken to eat only a liquid diet for a few hours after the procedure. Preferably, liquid foods or a very light diet must be ingested on that day. Light and soft foods as diet can continue for two to three days after the procedure is completed. This is done so that the person does not have to exercise too much in the mouth region for the food intake. The area is so soft and prone to infection at this time that a lot of care should be taken.
If it is more than one tooth or wisdom teeth have been removed, then take full precautions not to do any heavy exercising for several days after the procedure. This is to prevent any form of bleeding to happen again. Also, a small nodule or clot forms at the site where the tooth was removed from. Take full care that this clot does not break up or start bleeding again. For this, one should not brush with a toothbrush for about a day or so. Instead, brush your teeth with your fingers on which you can spread out a bit of toothpaste. The bristles of the toothbrush can dislodge the clot and cause harm, thus avoid it. Also, avoid any flossing et al. for a few days or so till you are sure that the area will come to no harm because of any such activity. It is also a must to go to the dentist for a check-up after a few days to ascertain that all is well with your dental set up after any procedure is done.

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