Loose Teeth

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Many people in Elk Grove may consider loose teeth as a trivial ailment and opt to ignore the annoying wiggle. At New Dental Images, we encourage everyone to have any loose teeth examined. A loose tooth is easy to disregard, but a loose tooth can indicate a much larger issue that warrants immediate attention. We believe everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile they won’t be afraid to show to the world.

What Causes Loose Teeth?

loose-teeth-elk-groveEach tooth is anchored by thousands of tiny periodontal ligaments that surround the root. They are responsible for holding the tooth roots in place. There are several factors that can cause these ligaments to stretch. When stretching occurs, the tooth will feel loose, and the cause most often associated with loose teeth is oral trauma. Bruxism, or nighttime tooth grinding, is the primary source of this form of trauma. The constant grinding and clenching puts undue strain on the ligaments, causing them to stretch and create the conditions that produce loose teeth. Another typical and concerning cause of loose teeth is gum disease. Gum disease occurs when plaque remains untreated and develops beneath the gum line, which leaves the gums vulnerable to infection. Over time, this infection will destroy gum tissue and the periodontal ligaments needed to secure the roots. An infection of this nature could eventually lead to the loss of teeth.

How Are Loose Teeth Treated?
Sometimes the force of biting and chewing can create a compromised or weakened periodontal structure, which creates additional stress on the ligaments and bone. To restore normalcy, and treat the loose tooth or teeth, it’s necessary to address two elements. The first is restoring gum health allowing the gums to support any periodontal fixes. The second element involves the integrity of the periodontal structure and modifying how the teeth receive force by either restructuring or reinforcing them. To restructure them, we would adjust your bite by reshaping some of the teeth’s biting surfaces; this reduces the force received by the teeth. Reinforcing the existing structure would entail a process such as splinting. Splinting involves joining loose teeth together like pickets in a fence. Splinting is an effective method for redistributing force thereby reducing the total stress placed on the teeth and their ligaments.

Protect Your Smile And Your Health
A healthy smile can mean a healthier life in general. Our oral health is directly related to the health the rest of our body system. This being said any oral issues we experience can impact our overall well-being. We strive to provide the best dental care possible in a comfortable and friendly environment. If you have concerns about loose teeth, call New Dental Images today to schedule an appointment.