It does not take a lot to be able to keep your smile healthy and beautiful if you know how to stick to good oral hygiene and are able to stick to these habits every single day. Providing proper oral home care to your teeth and gums by brushing and flossing are indeed important but aside from these, there is also one more thing that you should never neglect and that is your regular dental visits. Dental visits should happen at least once in every six months or twice a year. It is during your dental visits that you can have professional cleanings performed for you so that you can get protection and be able to prevent problems like tooth decay, cavities, bad breath, gum diseases and other conditions. Good oral health can also help you avoid developing serious health conditions including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, lung cancer, bone loss and a lot more. You have a good chance of being able to reduce your risk of these conditions if you get regular dental cleanings.

Here are the reasons why dental cleanings are important:

  • Dental cleaning is an effective way for you to be able to prevent cavities and the buildup of plaque on your teeth. Whenever you eat and are unable to brush for long periods of time, the plaque begins to form on the surfaces of your teeth. The plaque can be removed when you properly brush or floss however not being able to do it on time can lead to the formation of plaque into a tartar. The tartar can only be removed by dental cleaning which is why this procedure is really crucial. Cavities and decay are the results of the tartar that are not addressed immediately.
  • Dental cleanings can help you avoid early tooth loss. Tooth loss is typically a result of gum diseases and infections. And bacteria is the root cause of gum problems. If the spread of bacteria around your mouth is not addressed by brushing and flossing as well as the dental cleanings, the bacteria will destroy the bone structures supporting your teeth and once destroyed, the tooth will be loosen and can possibly fall out.
  • Dental cleanings can make your smile brighter and whiter. When you eat and drink foods like cherries, coffee, tea and soda, chances are your teeth will be discolored over time. Some stains can just be removed by brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, however, there are also some stubborn stains that cannot be removed by just brushing alone. This is when dental cleaning can help you. Because dental cleaning can do a thorough cleaning for your teeth and gums, the bacteria including the causes of your teeth discoloration will be addressed.
  • Dental cleaning can help you avoid bad breath. There are times when a bad breath is caused by a serious disease or medical condition. However, most of the time chronic bad breath is simply because of the severe spread of bacteria around the mouth due to decay, or plaque and tartar that are not removed. When this happens, the only thing you need to do to address bad breath is to ensure complete cleaning, by brushing, flossing and deep dental cleaning by your dentist.
  • Dental cleanings can help you stay away from serious health conditions. Many research prove the association of poor oral health with the existence of serious medical conditions like heart attack, lung cancer, diabetes, pneumonia and many others. This is because when the spread of bacteria in your mouth becomes so severe, it can travel and spread throughout the rest of your body affecting your other organs. You can save yourself from reaching this point by making sure you get dental cleanings done.
  • Dental cleaning can save you from the expensive costs of certain dental procedures that you will be required if you neglect your oral health. Once you get your teeth damage, it will require restorative care so that you can restore the appearance and functions of your teeth. Although these are indeed effective ways to save your teeth, these treatment can be more costly than having dental cleanings done regularly.

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