Sensitive Teeth

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If sipping a steaming cup of coffee or a frozen mocha result in excruciating pain, New Dental Images in Elk Grove, can help you to find the cause and can also offer solutions to treat your sensitive teeth. You shouldn’t have to decide what to eat based on your tooth comfort. Enjoy the foods you love again. Let us treat the source of this common dental problem for you today.


Causes of Sensitive Teeth
Teeth that may be very sensitive to extreme heat or cold, as well as brushing and flossing, are usually the result of worn or damaged tooth enamel. This can also be caused by root erosion, which can expose the underlying soft layer of dentin and trigger nerve pain. However, there may be other causes, such as cavities, gum disease, cracked or chipped teeth, or even the use of overly strong teeth-whitening solutions. Sometimes, there is tooth sensitivity following a common dental procedure, such as fillings or crowns, but this usually subsides within days or weeks. In any event, if you are bothered by tooth pain, it is important to visit our office to determine the reason for your problem and find out the appropriate treatment required.

Tips To Reduce Tooth Sensitivity
– Brush with a soft-bristled, instead of a hard-bristled, toothbrush and avoid brushing too hard.
– Practice good dental hygiene by flossing twice a day and having your teeth cleaned every six months to prevent plaque and tartar buildup.
– Have regular dental checkups to rule out and/or treat gingivitis, tooth decay, or cracked teeth.
If necessary, eliminate teeth grinding or clenching by using a mouth guard as provided by your dentist.
– Avoid teeth-whitening products as these can damage enamel along with removing stains. Use toothpaste specifically designed for sensitive teeth.
– Avoid frequent or long-term use of some mouthwashes, which may contain acids. These acids can further damage the dentin and make your sensitivity worse. Opt for a neutral fluoride mouthwash instead.
– Avoid acidic foods, such as citrus or tomato-based products. In the event you do consume them, rinse your mouth with milk afterward and avoid brushing your teeth immediately.

Procedures We Offer to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity
If you are still suffering from sensitive teeth after following the tips suggested above, we can provide the following procedures, which may help to alleviate your pain:

– Bonding by using fillings, crowns or inlays to cover flaws in the tooth or eliminate decay.
– Fluoride treatments such as gels and varnishes that we apply in our office to the affected teeth.
– Dental sealants applied in-office to the exposed root surface.

Whatever the cause of your discomfort, suffer no more! Call New Dental Images in Elk Grove for an appointment to help you identify the problem and provide solutions to alleviate your pain.