Tooth Repair

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For affordable tooth repair in Elk Grove, contact New Dental Images. There are many foods that can cause tooth breakage. Foods that contain solid ingredients such as nuts, seeds, and sometimes bones, are usually the culprits. Even though the enamel that protects our teeth is the strongest in the body, the strength of mineralized tissue has its limitations. Biting-down on something hard, especially if a tooth is already in decay, can easily cause extensive tooth damage.

If you do not get to a dentist as soon as possible, your tooth could be impaired further or possibly become infected causing you to loose the tooth altogether.

If you find that you have a chipped or broken tooth, Dr. Dang at New Dental Images is an experienced dentist who offers affordable tooth repair in Elk Grove. However, until you get to the dentist, here are a few steps you can take to ease your discomfort.

Steps To Take To Ease Tooth Discomfort
Until you are in the care of our qualified dentist, try the following self-help tips:

– If your tooth is aching, take an over-the-counter pain medication. Wash your mouth with salt water.
– If your chipped tooth is left with a jagged or sharp edge, use a portion of wax-paraffin or sugarless gum to prevent the tooth from injuring your tongue or the inside of your cheek or lip.
– When eating, consume soft foods and steer clear of biting down on any broken teeth.


Treating A Damaged Tooth
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Treatment for tooth repair will depend on how much damage has occurred. If only a tiny piece of enamel has been broken off, the repair can usually be taken care of in a single office visit. Teeth that are badly damaged or broken may demand a more lengthy procedure.

Dental Bonding or Filling
If the chip on your tooth is minor, the damage can be repaired with a filling. Bonding may be used if the tooth repair is needed for a front tooth or if the chip is revealed upon smiling. Bonding utilizes a tooth hued composite resin. The procedure is simple and rarely requires numbing of the tooth.

Dental Crown or Cap
If the chip on your tooth is large or your tooth has extensive decay, the remainder of the tooth may be filed or grinded away and covered with a tooth formed cap, or crown. There are different types of crowns that have varying benefits that can be discussed with our dental team. Receiving a crown normally takes more than one visit.

Dental Veneers
If your front tooth is chipped or broken, a dental veneer will make it healthy and cosmetically pleasing again. Dental veneers are composed of a thin-shell of tooth hued resin or porcelain.

Root Canal
When a tooth chip or break exposes the pulp, the middle of the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves, bacteria from the mouth gains entryway and contaminates the pulp. If you have tooth pain or your tooth is sensitive to heat or changes color, more than likely the pulp is diseased or damaged. Root Canal therapy consists of eradicating the dead-pulp, cleaning of the root canal, and then closing it.

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If you have experienced the discomfort of a broken or chipped tooth, New Dental Images provides quality tooth repair in Elk Grove. By selecting our dental care facility, you are guaranteed to walk out of our dental office with the beautiful smile you came in for.