Wisdom Tooth Extractions: Five Things You Should Know, Elk Grove

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Wisdom tooth extraction procedure is done very often in the dental clinic. A lot of people even get this surgery done even in the young age. However, this procedure is not as simplistic as some of us think it to be. It does need some time for recovery. Here are some factors which one should keep in mind before going in for wisdom tooth extractions:

  1. Try to get someone you know well with you when you are getting this procedure done. This is important not just to get a boost in your morale levels but also because the patient will be medicated for the surgery. First and foremost, before the procedure commences, a local anesthetic is delivered. If you are having some teeth removed, even a general anesthetic may be used. Thus, one will need help in going back home since driving yourself back is not on at all.
  2. The after effects of this form of tooth extraction include swelling in the facial region. This usually increases a lot during the first one day after getting the procedure done. Thus, to prevent too much swelling from occurring, it is recommended that one keeps a cold compact on the portion which has swollen up. Also, your head should be kept upraised which will prevent accumulation of body fluids in this area and thus minimize instances of swelling.
  3. It is highly advisable to get a good deal of rest after the procedure is completed. Do not get into any form of heavy exercising at least for the first few days after the extraction. Sleeping off the medication and even resting for a few more days after this is a good idea. This will give a chance to the body systems to come back to normalcy at their own pace.
  4. What is very necessary is that one cares a good deal about the diet we consume after the wisdom tooth extraction. It should comprise very soft foods for at least two to three days after the procedure. One can go in for mashed foods like rice which is overdone, or even broken wheat cooked in milk with a bit of sugar et al. The first one to two days should be only liquid diet preferably with hot and even cold soups with some mashed foods in them for keeping yourself pleasantly full.
  5. Do not brush your teeth for a day or two at least after the surgery is done. Also, do not go in for dental flossing as well for some time. One should not even rinse the mouth with vigor for one or two days. The clot which is formed at the site of the surgery may loosen and even dissolve if there is too much activity in this area which upsets it. For your cleansing ritual, one can take a piece of cloth and moisten it and wipe your tongue and teeth with this. Take a lot of care to do this very gently.
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