What Makes Lumineers an Excellent Treatment Option?

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Lumineers, a brand of dental veneers, is one of the best methods for improving one’s smile. They are the enhanced version of veneers that aims in treating several dental issues and granting people their most desired smile. Lumineers are ultra-thin and durable translucent veneers that look just like natural tooth enamel. They are fabricated from high-quality materials that are shaped into a shell to custom fit the teeth. Lumineers are much thinner than veneers, which means that there is no or minimal tooth reduction needed.

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What are the benefits that Lumineers can offer?

Address problems with permanent teeth stains and discoloration

Staining and discoloration are common dental problems experienced by many. Typically, for these problems, teeth whitening is the go-to treatment. However, the procedure may not entirely eliminate all the stains, and its effects do not last long. One of the best alternatives to stubborn stains and discoloration is through getting Lumineers since they can provide a long-lasting and natural-looking smile.

Eliminates minor spacing and gaps between the teeth

Lumineers are a quick and non-invasive dental procedure ideal in eliminating the unsightly gaps and spaces in between the teeth. As a result, Lumineers allow patients to have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Restore chipped teeth 

Chipped teeth can be a result of traumatic dental injuries or from excessive grinding of the teeth during sleep. No matter what causes it, chipped teeth should never be left untreated because it can lead to extensive damage in the oral health that could even get worse over time. Fortunately, Lumineers offer a painless and pleasant way of fixing a chipped tooth for good.

Align crooked teeth

Lumineers are painless and fast alternatives to braces that offer a perfectly-aligned look and beautiful smile. Even though braces can now be easily accessed, other people who do not want to endure the discomfort or embarrassment of wearing traditional metal braces. Now, in as short as two visits, people can have a completely corrected smile with Lumineers.

Reshape small or misshapen teeth

Misshapen teeth can make a difference in a person’s appearance. In this case, dental veneers might be an ideal option. However, some are still hesitant to get dental veneers, fearing that their teeth will be ground down. Good news for them, Lumineers are available for people who are uncomfortable with dental veneers. Since Lumineers are ultra-thin, they can simply be placed over the natural teeth with little or no removal of any sensitive tooth structure.


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