The Consequences of Leaving a Dental Infection Untreated

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Although it is normal for a person to feel scared of undergoing dental procedures, it is not something that should be tolerated. If a patient chooses to ignore the recommendations of a dentist, they are more likely to suffer the consequences. Do you think that the worst thing one can experience is tooth loss? Think again!

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One example is a dental infection where a pocket of pus forms in the mouth due to bacteria. This condition can develop anywhere in the mouth and can only be remedied by a dental professional. Tooth infection should not be underestimated since it can lead to extreme pain—to the extent where it makes daily activities impossible. Unfortunately, some people choose to bear the pain instead of undergoing the necessary procedures, hoping that it will go away on its own. Sadly, choosing to ignore a dental infection is never a good idea since it is potentially life-threatening. So, for our patients at New Dental Images to understand why we highly encourage them to consider a root canal treatment due to a tooth infection, here is a list of the possible consequences:

Tooth loss

If a tooth infection is identified and treated early, the root canal can be performed and followed by a dental crown to save the problem structure. If this problem is left unattended for a long time, a root canal will no longer serve as an ideal solution since the tooth has already been weakened, and there is a risk of spreading the infection. In this case, tooth extraction may be advised by your dentist and be replaced with a suitable dental restoration option.

Bone infection

The maxilla and mandible bones do not tolerate the long-term presence of infection well. If the infection spreads to the bones, the surgical removal of these hard tissues may be required to prevent it from spreading further. If the infection affects the bones, it may become too weak to support the teeth properly.

Infection of the soft oral tissues and sinuses

The roots of some of the upper teeth extend to the sinus area. If an infection is present in these structures, it can potentially lead to a painful sinus infection. In addition, the soft tissues in the mouth, as well as the surrounding areas, are vulnerable to infection. If this problem takes place, it can lead to issues from the facial cellulite to airway complications.


Septicemia is a condition where a person’s bloodstream becomes infected. Naturally, the body’s response to an infection is to send more blood to increase the antibodies. However, due to septicemia, infection spills into this blood, which then circulates throughout the body. Unfortunately, this is a life-threatening condition that requires long-term hospitalization and the use of intravenous antibiotics.

Abscess of the brain

As most people may have guessed, this particular condition requires the patient to be hospitalized and is extremely dangerous. Infection can penetrate the brain in several ways, some of which are the means listed above. Treating this type of condition can be challenging due to the blood-brain barrier.


Avoid the possible dangers caused by tooth infection as listed above by taking advantage of Root Canals in Sacramento, CA! Call or visit us at New Dental Images to get started.