Tooth Abscess

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If you have an abscessed tooth in Elk Grove, you should give New Dental Images a call. A tooth abscess can create a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort. Dr. Van Dang, DDS and staff at have been caring for … Continued

Toothache Treatment

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Visit New Dental Images for toothache treatment in Elk Grove. If you are experiencing tooth pain, then you understand how horrible the experience is. Our teeth are mainly supported by a network of blood vessels and highly sensitive nerves. Exposure … Continued

Bad Breath Treatment

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Bad Breath TreatmentBad breath is embarrassing and hard to deal with, so let New Dental Images help by providing a successful treatment plan! Are you going for a new job, trying to date or perhaps your dog is the only … Continued

Sensitive Teeth

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If sipping a steaming cup of coffee or a frozen mocha result in excruciating pain, New Dental Images in Elk Grove, can help you to find the cause and can also offer solutions to treat your sensitive teeth. You shouldn’t … Continued